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DormFresh Ltd was established in 2000 by Dr Harry Duncan and John Forsythe (Director/Owner 1,4Group USA) with the prime intention to supply sprout suppressant chemicals to the European potato sector, in a safe and responsible manner. Their aim was to provide products which would help to improve the storage life of the potato whilst maintaining overall health and offer outstanding customer support at each stage.

DormFresh Ltd brought together research expertise built up over 50 years at Glasgow University by Dr Harry Duncan, coupled with the practical skills developed by John Forsythe, 1,4Group, USA.

DormFresh Ltd today is based in Perth, Scotland and intends to provide dormancy potato chemicals to the UK and Europe.

Ireland Approval for use of Product 1,4SIGHT®

Ireland Approval for use of Product 1,4SIGHT®

Last week DormFresh Limited, received Registration Approval for the use of 1,4SIGHT® in Ireland. DormFresh has great pleasure in announcing this new Country Registration and the first potatoes in Ireland will be treated with 1,4SIGHT® this October. Continue Reading

DormFresh Press Release

DormFresh Press Release

DormFresh Limited is delighted to announce the promotion of Dr Bernhard Frings, to the position of CEO. DormFresh is proud to support this new position as the Company rapidly expands within Europe. With European product registrations now in an advanced stage, DormFresh will continue to investigate new markets whilst maintaining support with our existing customers… Continue Reading

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