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Product Development

DormFresh Ltd and 1,4Group specialise particularly well with innovation in applying chemicals very efficiently to a wide range of diverse potato stores throughout the world, two main chemicals are involved, Chlorpropham (CIPC) – universally accepted as a sprout suppressant applied to stored potatoes world wide and 1,4DMN.


Chlorpropham (CIPC) has been greatly enhanced by 1,4Group, in particular by modifying formulations, application procedures and by working closely and in conjunction with store managers/applicators. 1,4Group have driven forward the lead in significant improvements both to efficiency and overall performance – these steps are now well recognized by the potato industry worldwide.


Dimethylnaphalene (DMN) given off by potatoes themselves naturally, was identified in Glasgow by Dr Harry Duncan, during the early 1980’s and was confirmed as being an effective sprout suppressant in its own right.


1,4DMN was recognized and further developed commercially by 1,4Group and has been used very effectively as a treatment for controlling potato sprouts in a number of countries including the USA, Canada and New Zealand since 1995.


Germany’s Approval of DormFresh Limited Product 1,4SIGHT®

Germany’s Approval of DormFresh Limited Product 1,4SIGHT®

DormFresh Limited is delighted to announce the German Authority approval of 1,4SIGHT®. DormFresh is proud and excited to bring 1,4SIGHT®, to the German potato market and assist the post-harvest store management to provide excellent quality potatoes throughout the season. Germany now joins other European countries already taking advantage of this excellent dormancy enhancer, 1,4SIGHT®, in… Continue Reading

DormFresh is proud to become a member of IBMA

DormFresh is proud to become a member of IBMA

DormFresh is delighted to announce the membership acceptance with IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association). IBMA is a trade association representing the manufacturers of Biocontrol solutions and DormFresh is proud to have become a part of this important industry association. More details can be found at http://www.ibma-global.org/ Continue Reading

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