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Dimethylnaphalene (DMN) given off by potatoes themselves naturally, was identified in Glasgow by Dr Harry Duncan, during the early 1980’s and was confirmed  as being an effective sprout suppressant in its own right.

1,4 SIGHT® was recognized and further developed commercially by 1,4Group and has been used very effectively as a treatment for controlling potato sprouts in a number of countries including the USA, Canada and New Zealand since 1995.

1,4 SIGHT® is a dormancy enhancer (sprout suppressant) which prolongs dormancy in stored potatoes and is reversible. 1,4 SIGHT® can be used to reduce CIPC inputs or as a stand-alone product.  It is normally applied as a vapour (usually hot) to stored potatoes.

1,4 SIGHT® can be used as a sole treatment for the long term processing material (9 degrees) at up to 6 times 20ppm **.  Application is made via an electro fogger machine which does not release any CO² emissions into the store.

1,4 SIGHT® can also be used as a sparing chemical in conjunction with CIPC to help avoid exceedences. 1,4 SIGHT® can be applied early or later but before chitting has taken place.

1,4 SIGHT® penetrates through the potato skin and works internally to restore its dormancy.  Dormancy lowers the respiration rate, slowing the loss of moisture and solids, thereby diminishing shrink and susceptibility to pressure bruise.  Restoring dormancy may also shorten the post-harvest “sweat period”.

Sprout and chit control, pressure bruising and shrinkage are quality issues that store managers face each year.  Incorporating 1,4 SIGHT® into your storage treatment regime can provide unprecedented success in managing these common storage challenges.  Maintaining dormancy helps retain potato firmness resulting in fresher appearing skin finish and fewer load downgrades.

** Actual rates depend on store variety, temperatures, venting and the condition of the potatoes.  Studies conducted at Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit, 1,4 SIGHT® demonstrated very good sprout control compared to CIPC.

Customized Application Plan




EARLY SEASON – Apply any time the potatoes become stable in the storage area

MID SEASON – Apply when you expect the natural dormancy of the variety is about to end. 1,4 SIGHT® can be applied with CIPC for increased effectiveness.

LATE SEASON -Depending on the variety and condition, apply in storage approximately one month prior to use.

1,4SIGHT® Safety Data Sheets

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Ireland Approval for use of Product 1,4SIGHT®

Ireland Approval for use of Product 1,4SIGHT®

Last week DormFresh Limited, received Registration Approval for the use of 1,4SIGHT® in Ireland. DormFresh has great pleasure in announcing this new Country Registration and the first potatoes in Ireland will be treated with 1,4SIGHT® this October. Continue Reading

DormFresh Press Release

DormFresh Press Release

DormFresh Limited is delighted to announce the promotion of Dr Bernhard Frings, to the position of CEO. DormFresh is proud to support this new position as the Company rapidly expands within Europe. With European product registrations now in an advanced stage, DormFresh will continue to investigate new markets whilst maintaining support with our existing customers… Continue Reading

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