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Registered since 1995 in the USA and only registered here in the UK two years ago, CIPC Gold is 98% CIPC (Chlorpropham) is a stable, potato sprout inhibitor and is a member of the carbamate class of pesticides.  Years of research, development and testing have demonstrated significant application benefits from the use of solid CIPC over liquid formulations.  This formula ensures maximum control as well as benefits in storage, handling and application:

  • Less stress to potatoes.  Application machines can run at lower temperatures and faster speeds reducing stress to potatoes
  • 98% pure. Contains no unnecessary chemicals or additives
  • Minimises safety concerns (no solvent) simplifying transportation and handling
  • Electric foggers prevent COpollution into stores
  • Solid non-volatile formulation has low toxicity
  • Remains solid below 40°c
  • Will not spill or leak

CIPC Gold is a solid block of high purity CIPC.  It contains no unnecessary chemicals or additives and is applied to stored potatoes to prevent them from sprouting (irreversible).  Only the necessary amount of CIPC is used during application, reducing the number of chemicals disbursed into the storage environment for maximum sustainability and safety.

Outstanding Control and Flexibility

CIPC Gold, delivered via a thermal fogging system, is highly effective in controlling sprouting and optimal results can be achieved by combining CIPC Gold and 1,4DMN (a dormancy enhancing product) in a well-timed program designed to accommodate the potato variety, temperature, storage conditions and scheduled removal of the potatoes from storage.


LABEL CIPC Gold MAPP 15674  current  – 2017-18 season


DormFresh is proud to become a member of IBMA

DormFresh is proud to become a member of IBMA

DormFresh is delighted to announce the membership acceptance with IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association). IBMA is a trade association representing the manufacturers of Biocontrol solutions and DormFresh is proud to have become a part of this important industry association. More details can be found at http://www.ibma-global.org/ Continue Reading

1,4SIGHT® French Press Release

1,4SIGHT® French Press Release

DormFresh Limited and our distributer BASF (FR) would like to announce the registration of 1,4SIGHT® (1,4-dimethylnapthalene – DMN) in France. This Dormancy Enhancing treatment, which has already been approved in The Netherlands, Austria and Belgium will bring a much needed tool to the potato industry in France.  DormFresh is delighted to add France to the… Continue Reading

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