Dimethylnaphthalene (DMN) given off by potatoes themselves naturally, was identified in Glasgow by Dr Harry Duncan, during the early 1980s and was confirmed as being an effective sprout suppressant.

1,4SIGHT® was recognized and further developed commercially by 1,4GROUP, Inc. and has been used very effectively as a treatment for controlling potato sprouts in a number of countries including the USA, Canada and New Zealand since 1995.

1,4SIGHT® is a dormancy enhancer (sprout suppressant) which prolongs dormancy in stored potatoes and is reversible. It is normally applied as a vapour (usually hot) to stored potatoes.

1,4SIGHT® can be used as a sole at up to 6 times 20ppm.

1,4SIGHT® can be applied early or later but before chitting has taken place.

1,4SIGHT® penetrates through the potato skin and works internally to restore its dormancy.  Dormancy lowers the respiration rate, slowing the loss of moisture and solids, thereby diminishing shrink and susceptibility to pressure bruise. Restoring dormancy may also shorten the post-harvest “sweat period”.

Sprout and chit control, pressure bruising and shrinkage are quality issues that store managers face each year. Incorporating 1,4SIGHT® into your storage treatment regime can provide unprecedented success in managing these common storage challenges. Maintaining dormancy helps retain potato firmness resulting in fresher appearing skin finish and fewer load downgrades.

For more information please read the Technical Manual.


EARLY SEASON – Apply any time the potatoes become stable in the storage area.

MID SEASON – Apply when you expect the natural dormancy of the variety is about to end.

LATE SEASON - Depending on the variety and condition, apply in storage approximately one month prior to use.