1,4SIGHT® Netherlands Press Release

DormFresh Limited and BASF Netherlands (NL) have announced the Country Registration for Potato Dormancy enhancer, 1,4SIGHT® (1,4-dimethylnapthalene – DMN)

1,4SIGHT® has stirred up huge excitement within the European Potato Industry and will bring a new and much awaited Sprout Suppressant alternative to the market.  Dr Harry Duncan, Director of DormFresh commented, “Since the discovery in the early 70’s of 1,4-DMN in the volatiles given off from potatoes, I have remained extremely confident in its ability to make a big improvement in maintaining the storage quality of potatoes.  I am delighted that 1,4SIGHT® has been granted clearance for use in the Netherlands and everyone here at DormFresh looks forward to working with our colleagues at BASF NL in launching this exciting sprout suppressant.”

The unique qualities of 1,4SIGHT® are detailed below and more information may be obtained by contacting BASF Netherlands directly or referring to

1,4DMN A Dormancy Enhancer rather than a herbicide

  • Extends and resets the potato dormancy
  • Can be used on processing potatoes and fresh pack
  • Enhanced turgidity of treated potatoes
  • Possible use on seed potatoes due to its reversible action
  • Recognisable store odour immediately after treatment but not unpleasant or lingering and no smell on the potatoes
  • Definitely no taint problem identified and no quality defects

1,4DMN – Specific Qualities and Attributes

  • Hormonal effect on tuber sprouting
  • Little effect on cell division (wound healing)
  • Improves skin finish (bloom)
  • Maintains tuber turgor (reduces shrink)
  • Lowers respiration rate (less CO2 produced)
  • Maintains (enhances) tuber quality
  • Dormancy maintained for some time after store removal
  • No store contamination issues

1,4SIGHT® – Applications

  • Up to maximum of  120 ml per tonne per season – (maximum individual dose 20 ml per tonne)

Actual amount applied will depend on a number of factors – Growing and harvest as well as precise storage conditions (temp, venting regime etc)

  • Applied in the store as a vapour
  • Improved distribution experienced in the store(vapour)
  • Actual cost depends on amount of chemical applied,

frequency of application, length of time in store etc. which is driven by good storage management practices

Can be applied as a solo treatment or as a sandwich treatment with CIPC.

This latter option is the cheapest and helps to eliminate CIPC exceedances.

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