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1,4SIGHT® Article by Eric Kiers

The transition from chemistry to greener resources has been started and that train is no longer possible. That is Eric Kiers’s expectation, which at BASF manages the portfolio of sustainability management and relationship management to governments and agencies. According to Kiers, this switch offers new opportunities for crop protection specialists and growers: one of them is the 1.4SIGHT, a BASF germicidal extender for potato preservation.

The 1.4SIGHT remedy continued to grow well in the past year. According to Kiers, this is not for nothing: “It is mainly due to the increasing demand from the market for ‘green funds’. In addition, laws and regulations in both the Netherlands and the rest of Europe ensure that the number of authorized (chemical) resources is getting smaller. Then green resources like 1.4SIGHT certainly have a place in the future of arable farming. ”

Positive exception

In agriculture, so far, there are no effective green resources, Kiers says: “The 1.4SIGHT product is a positive exception. Almost all growers using 1.4SIGHT do not want to go back. They really see the benefits of their business. One adds more value to the fact that he has less conservation loss and the other indicates that he has more rest in the conservation: less ventilation hours because the potatoes are at rest. And another is happy with the good quality of peeling and baking. But by themselves they appreciate the green character of the drug. ”

Chlorine free

1.4SIGHT is higher priced than traditional chlorine profiles. Henco Bouma, Crop Manager Farming at BASF notes that this aspect is getting used to the potato market, but: “Most users want to continue because they want to keep chlorine free. They are all eagerly enthusiastic. It’s not for nothing that the number of users in the last storage season has increased sharply over the previous year. There is just a growing demand for chlorine-free potatoes. Also, the growers themselves do not want to come into contact with chlorine on the company. Partly caused by contamination of chlorine products in other crops such as onions, cereals, carrots and even poultry. ”

“We are not talking about germination, but about germination extensions”

The development of 1.4SIGHT has cost more than ten years, but now the product has been admitted to several countries: in addition to the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium have an admission. Germany, France and England will soon receive an authorization for the use of 1.4SIGHT. Kiers: “In our opinion, this is truly the biggest innovation in potato conservation. We can even speak of a revolution. It requires a totally different mindset of the potato keeper. We do not talk about germination, but germination extensions. The breeder can intervene earlier in the process, leaving the potato completely at rest and not getting lost. In concrete terms, it means that due to 1.4 SIGHT up to fifty percent less hours are required. And that is of course the pinnacle of sustainability. ”

Read the complete story about kiemrustverlenger 1,4SIGHT in the Akkerbouwkrant edition of Potato Europe, which falls on the door mat in early September.


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