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Natural dormancy extender 1,4SIGHT® allowed
The active ingredient of dormancy extender is 1,4 dimethylnaphthalene (1,4DMN). This is already naturally  present in the potato. By increasing the level of this substance, the potato remains naturally dormancy. In addition, the preservation of the skin quality and therefore reduces storage losses. 1,4SIGHT® is an alternative to chlorine-IPC and can be administered by a gas application. Typical of this product is that a few days after WAREHOUSING can already be used. Especially growers with new storage sheds will consider to use 1,4SIGHT®.
1,4SIGHT® is allowed in the Netherlands in ware potatoes (friet-, microprocessor and table potatoes).

In other European countries are expected to admitting this dormancy extender. In countries like New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and the United States 1,4SIGHT® is a widely used product. In the United States it is almost 20 years successfully used to keep germ-free potatoes. Many farmers see it as an advantage to use a means of natural origin. This fits into a sustainable cultivation.

See below a publication from Akker Magazine:
Ctgb germination inhibitors in potato and insecticide in onions
Posted on Monday 29-06-2015

The Board for the authorization of plant protection products and biocides ( Ctgb ) has allowed in potatoes regulators of growth / germination inhibitors and anti-insects and mites in onions and vegetables.

The growth regulator 1,4SIGHT® got an admission in potatoes. The drug inhibits the germination and keeps the skin quality improved, so potatoes can be stored for longer and lose less weight , says producer BASF. The active substance in 1,4SIGHT® is dimethylnaphthalene, a substance that occurs naturally in potatoes. Through the use of the agent, the concentration in the tubers is higher.

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