Germany: 1,4SIGHT® may be applied with petrol foggers again!

December 14, 2021

The use of 1,4SIGHT® in Germany is again permissible with combustion engine driven hot fog applicators. BVL has set the following application regulation: “VA297 The application of the product with combustion-engine-driven fog applicators may only be carried out with devices which automatically interrupt the product/active substance flow when they are stopped.“

Furthermore, the principles for fog generation must be followed for the application of 1,4SIGHT®. These are described in the technical manual of the authorisation holder DormFresh Ltd. and the product information of the German distributor Belchim Crop Protection, which can be found under the following links:

Furthermore, the user must follow the instructions for use of 1.4Sight® as well as of the application devices and the maintenance and cleaning instructions of the respective device manufacturers. In addition, the regular legally required device inspection must be done and the general obligations for the use of 1,4SIGHT® must be complied with. During application, the device must always be supervised by the user. DormFresh Ltd. and Belchim Crop Protection as well as the device manufacturers do not assume any liability for misapplications due to violations of the general obligations!

Germany: 1,4SIGHT may be applied with petrol foggers again!