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John Forsythe

John Forsythe

John began his working career in 1965 at Industrial Ventilation (IVI).  John’s responsibilities ranged from sweeping floors to servicing ventilation and refrigeration equipment.  In 1979, John left to spend several years overseas as a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

In 1984, John returned to Idaho and IVI as a salesman for ventilation and refrigeration equipment for potato and onion storages.  During this time, John was involved in developing CIPC application technologies for potato sprout inhibition.

In the coming years, at IVI John assumed the roles of Sales Manager, progressing to President of the company.  In 1993, John sold his interest in IVI and left to pursue new opportunities in sprout control.

John currently holds the positions of General Manager of 1,4GROUP, Inc., and Director of DormFresh, Ltd.