Product Development

DormFresh Ltd leads the Potato Storage Industry by providing the best products and application methods to improve sprout control, thereby extending the market quality and increasing storage periods. Our highly experienced research and development team, continually investigate new chemicals and application methods, while concurrently developing new application equipment to allow us to remain at the forefront of technology.

This full time focus on product and process development allows us to closely monitor and enhance our treatments regimes. We protect and promote Intellectual Property with our sister Company, 1,4GROUP, Inc. and have an international portfolio of patents and trademarks that protect our customers from competitor threats, providing exclusive competitive technological advantages. Currently, DormFresh Ltd and 1,4GROUP, Inc. have 17 active trademark registrations, 22 patents, and 12 patent pending applications on file and these numbers increase each year as our work continues.

Field Research – Our staff researchers can conduct on-site tests for clients in their storage facilities. These tests provide solutions to quality maintenance issues for growers and storage managers on a variety of different potatoes. Our researchers develop innovative methods to improve application effectiveness and techniques based on these results.

University Collaboration – We carry out on-going studies and tests worldwide with major universities to help improve, promote and inspire new technology and products within the potato storage industry.