DormFresh Ltd and 1,4GROUP®, Inc. specialise in innovative systems of applying products efficiently to a wide range of diverse potato stores throughout the world.

Dimethylnaphalene (DMN), the active ingredient of 1,4SIGHT®, naturally occurring in potatoes themselves, was identified in Glasgow by Dr Harry Duncan during the early 1980’s and was confirmed as being an effective sprout suppressant in its own right.

1,4DMN was recognized and further developed commercially by 1,4GROUP, Inc.and has been used very effectively as a treatment for controlling potato sprouts in a number of countries including the USA, Canada and New Zealand since 1995.

1,4DMN is commercially linked with the following brands:-

  • 1,4SIGHT®
  • 1,4SHIP®
  • 1,4SEED®

DormFresh Ltd develops potato dormancy-enhancing and sprout-inhibiting agricultural products for the potato storage industry throughout Europe.