Dr Harry Duncan

Honorary Senior Research Fellow & Former Head of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Chemistry – University of Glasgow

CIPC – Stewardship

Dr Duncan has been involved in Scottish potatoes from a very young age, helping on his Grandfather’s farm in Perthshire and family farm in Orkney.

His first involvement with chemicals was (Fusarex dust, a.i. Tecnazene) on stored potatoes which were then placed in field camps – a far cry from modern controlled storage facilities used today!

These early interests lead Dr Duncan to become a first time student of Glasgow University, later leading to the appointment of Head of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Chemistry and Reader of Chemistry. Enabling him to become more involved in the potato processing sector and the problems faced by the industry including chlorpropham (CIPC), whilst also pursuing his active role in other key areas such as:

  • Environmental & Food Chemistry
  • Rehabilitation of Industrial Spoiled Land
  • Fate & Behavior of Xenobiotic in plant-soil-water systems
  • Chemicals and their Metabolites in the Food Chain
  • Radionuclides in Soil Vegetation Regimes
  • Environmental Impact Studies for proposed new developments

In subsequent years much work was undertaken at Glasgow University on CIPC and other chemicals covering DMN, DIPN, MH, carvone, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene and also diffuse light.

Leading to the pioneering discovery by Dr Duncan, of 1,4DMN as a commercially viable potato sprout suppressant.

DMN has been used commercially in the USA since 1995, with New Zealand and more recently Canada following suit. Dr Duncan’s aim has always been to push for registration in the EU and our sister company in the US, 1,4Group, www.14group.com have over the years shared this enthusiasm and impressed Dr Duncan with their dedication and integrity for the cause hence the birth of DormFresh Limited in 2000.

Today Dr Duncan whilst now an Honorary Fellow of Glasgow University, maintains a very active role within the Chemical Potato Industry and continues with his Environmental Interests, performing lectures on varying environmental topics.

Positions held both currently and historically:-

Director of Landtrust (Landfill Taxes), Former Chairman of the UEITP, Sprout Suppressant Group, Consultant to Scottish Enterprise (Land Reclamation Projects), Scientific Advisor to UK Potato Processors Association, Chairman of the Scottish Analytical Group (Scottish Enterprise),

  • Responsible for all Undergraduate courses in Agricultural Food & Environmental Chemist at Glasgow University.
  • Supervised over 100 Post Graduate PhD students.
  • Author of over 300 publications and specialist reports.

External examiner and course developer for Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels at several Universities both in the UK and abroad.

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